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20 February 2018
This Marks the First EA Title Remastered for this Generation of Consoles and Includes Content from the Original Base Game and DLC*
18 January 2018
The fourth expansion is coming, bringing the infamous battles of the Great War with it
13 December 2017
Free* Content Inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi is Now Available Adding Finn, Captain Phasma, New Locations and More in Multiplayer. In Single Player, the Story of Iden Versio Returns in Star Wars Battlefront II Resurrection
9 November 2017
Race Through an Adrenaline-Filled Story in the Ultimate Customised Car and Explore the Most Expansive Open World in Franchise History
22 August 2017
Car Fans Can Drive This High-Performance Luxury Sedan in the Game this Fall Before it Hits the Road Next Year
22 August 2017
Revolutionise Your Play – New Modes, New Maps, New Conflicts Available Now
1 August 2017
There Has Never Been a Better Time to Jump into One of the Best Shooters of 2016
10 June 2017
All Players Will Receive Free* Content Drops Through Themed Seasons that Can Include a Mix of New Locations, Characters, Challenges and Rewards
10 June 2017
Battlefield 1 In the Name of Tsar will Deliver the Most Extensive Expansion Pack in the History of the Franchise
2 June 2017
Edge of Your Seat Driving, Explosive Action and Blockbuster Gameplay Fuel New Game
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